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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 17, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Education for all by the year 2000 (EFA 2000) in some countries in Africa: Can teacher education ensure the quantity, quality and relevance of that education?

    Obert Paradzai Ndawi

    This paper identifies and explores three basic challenges which EFA 2000 poses to teacher education in Africa, viz: quality, quantity and relevance. Researched data is used to show the extent of... More

    pp. 121-128

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  2. Can research into the development of education in post-colonial Africa shape education policies in South Africa?

    F.J. Nieuwenhuis

    This article is based on the premise that the globalisation of education impacts directly on the development of education policy in developing countries. Internationally, in both developed and... More

    pp. 129-143

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  3. To transfer power or to transfer responsibility: Educational decentralization in Venezuela

    Mitchell Tracy

    Venezuela's most recent decentralization initiative was analyzed. Details of the general law promulgated in January 1990 are still undetermined in the education sector, though the outline of the... More

    pp. 145-162

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  4. Action to improve English, Mathematics and Science (AIEMS): A case study in Zambia — The start-up process

    M. Miti & A. Herriot

    This paper describes the start-up process for a large education project in Zambia, the main purpose being to strengthen the Ministry of Education in its provision of in-service training for... More

    pp. 163-172

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  5. ‘They are the government's children’. School and community relations in a Remote Area Dweller (Basarwa) settlement in Kweneng District, Botswana

    Lucky Tshireletso

    Observations are made on how socio-economic background and culture of the Basarwa in the settlement influences their children's progress in schooling and their career aspirations. A further... More

    pp. 173-188

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  6. Pedagogical classroom practice and the social context: The case of Botswana

    Richard Tabulawa

    Attempts have been made in Botswana to change teachers' didactic classroom practices. These attempts, however, have not been successful. More often than not, this lack of success is attributed to... More

    pp. 189-204

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  7. Gender sensitive educational strategies and their implementation

    Nelly P. Stromquist

    It has been the pattern of national governments at the end of world conferences on women, to endorse a body of recommendations for policy making and implementation in many areas. This study is a... More

    pp. 205-214

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  8. Youth policies, programmes and priorities in South Africa: 1990–1995

    Linda Chisholm, Candice Harrison & Shireen Motala

    Although unemployed and marginalised youth in South Africa enjoy a high priority in all policy documents in South Africa, few significant steps have been taken since the April 1994 elections to... More

    pp. 215-225

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