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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 16, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Education during political transition in Poland

    Graham Vulliamy & Rosemary Webb

    The article presents a comparative analysis of education in communist and post-communist Poland, based upon fieldwork in schools in Lodz in 1993 compared with earlier research in such schools in... More

    pp. 111-123

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  2. Making sense of large-scale evaluation data: The case of the Andhra Pradesh primary education project

    Barry Cooper, Colin Lacey & Harry Torrance

    This article discusses problems of interpreting and analysing large-scale evaluation data with respect to a particular education project in a developing country context. An account is given of how ... More

    pp. 125-140

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  3. A market outcomes approach to the external efficiency of education: A Papua New Guinea local study

    Barend Vlaardingerbroek

    This paper presents and discusses the policy implications of a survey conducted in a Papua New Guinea Highlands town from the point of view of education system external efficiency as measured by... More

    pp. 141-146

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  4. Remedial classroom teaching and computer-assisted learning with science students in Botswana

    C.P. Smit, M. Oosterhout & P.F.J. Wolff

    The mathematical background of new science students in Botswana and the effectiveness of teaching is investigated through a series of test instruments. It is found that many mathematical concepts... More

    pp. 147-156

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  5. The impact of educational policy reforms on the distribution of educational outcomes in developing countries: The case of Botswana

    P.T.M Marope

    After half a decade of concerted government efforts to provide equal educational opportunity through comparable educational provisions, Botswana's basic education system is atypical of those... More

    pp. 157-171

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  6. Educating teachers for the improvement of the quality of basic education in developing countries

    Yatta Kanu

    In discussions about improving the quality of basic education in the developing countries much focus has been on education functioning to improve the economic conditions of individuals. Basic... More

    pp. 173-184

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  7. The new educational mandate in China: Running schools running businesses

    Julia Kwong

    The introduction of the market economy has posed new challenges to educational financing in socialist People's Republic of China. Its materialist orientation and the focus on raising living... More

    pp. 185-194

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  8. Adult education and instrumental rationality: A critique

    Carlos Alberto Torres

    This article analyzes the role and purposes of adult education policy by discussing six key rationales for policy making. These rationales-in-use include constitutional prescriptions, investment in... More

    pp. 195-206

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