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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 16, Number 1

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Socioeconomic and ethnic determinants of age-grade distortion in Bolivian and Guatemalan primary schools

    Harry Anthony Patrinos & George Psacharopoulos

    In this paper, after reviewing the literature on school progress — particularly age-grade distortion (over-age) and grade repetition — in developing countries, a series of factors that relate to... More

    pp. 3-14

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  2. Improving mathematics education in colombian schools: ‘Mathematics for all’

    Ana Cecilia Agudelo-Valderrama

    This paper concentrates on the suitability of the current mathematics curriculum in Colombia, and establishes priorities for change and development. It starts with an analysis of the current... More

    pp. 15-26

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  3. Primary teachers and policy innovation in India: Some neglected issues

    Caroline Dyer

    This paper draws on data from three case study sites in Gujarat State to examine primary teachers' motivation and ability to adapt to major new policy initiatives. It uses the 1986 policy... More

    pp. 27-40

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  4. The changing agenda in teacher education in Papua New Guinea

    Clarrie Burke

    This paper presents a critical analysis of, and a practical response to, teacher education imperatives shaping the politics, policy, structure and operation of Community Teachers Colleges in Papua ... More

    pp. 41-51

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  5. Perceptions of the operations of the public authority for applied education and training (PAAE&T) into the industrial training programme: Kuwait

    Salahaldeen Al-Ali

    In Kuwait, despite the need for indigenous skilled manpower able to absorb, manage, develop and adapt the imported technology in the various sectors of the economy, the performance of the Public... More

    pp. 53-64

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  6. Recent developments in Greek education

    Costas N. Kanellopoulos

    The expansion of the Greek educational system (formal and non-formal) in the 1980s is documented and assessed and its linkages to the labour market are analysed. It turns out that, despite its... More

    pp. 65-77

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  7. Student enrolment and educational expenditure in university education: An examination of trends in Nigeria (1980–1990)

    Osa C. Tawari & Maureen Koko

    This paper attempts a brief analysis of the trends in student enrolment and educational expenditure in university education in Nigeria. It examines the philosophical and methodological foundations ... More

    pp. 79-87

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  8. In-service teacher training for agricultural education in the Netherlands: From supply to demand

    C.T. Jongmans

    This article reports the results of research on in-service teacher training in agricultural education in the Netherlands. Seven agricultural education centres (in Dutch: AOCs) and six institutes... More

    pp. 89-95

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  9. Comparative and international issues in language, ethnicity and higher education: Theories and applications

    Keith Watson

    pp. 97-100

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  10. An evaluation of community involvement in the implementation of the community junior secondary school partnership policy: Case studies in Botswana

    Taka Tsayang Gabatshwane

    p. 101

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  11. Educational policy developments in South Africa, 1990–1994: A critical examination of the policy of educational decentralisation with specific reference to the concepts of decentralisation, participation and power

    Mohamed Sayed Yusuf

    p. 102

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