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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 15, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Perspectives on pedagogy in teacher education: The case of Namibia

    Patricia M. Rowell

    This paper examines the conceptualization of pedagogical practice in the reform of a teacher education program in Namibia. Through an analysis of the views of knowledge, learning and teaching... More

    pp. 3-13

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  2. Informal learning contexts in Solomon Islands and their implications for the cross-cultural classroom

    P.M. Ninnes

    Drawing on participant observation and interview data this paper presents a detailed description and analysis of the contexts in which informal learning occurs amongst rural Melanesian children in ... More

    pp. 15-26

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  3. China's changing policy and practice in television education, 1978–1993

    Weixiang Ma & David Hawkridge

    In the People's Republic in China, government policies are aimed at enabling the country to achieve by the year 2050 the same standard of economic development as the middle group of developed... More

    pp. 27-36

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  4. Literacy skill retention in adult students in developing countries

    John P. Comings

    The literature on adult literacy programs in developing countries contains many references to the phenomenon of relapse into illiteracy. The contention that literacy skills will be lost rests on an... More

    pp. 37-45

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  5. Educational performance and child labor in Paraguay

    Harry Anthony Patrinos & George Psacharopoulos

    In this paper, the schooling attainment and labor characteristics of those aged 12–19 years is assessed using data from the 1990 household survey from Paraguay. Although schooling is compulsory to ... More

    pp. 47-60

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  6. A recipe for planning a project: A novice manager's guide to small project design

    F. Chambers & I. Forth

    This article provides a practical framework for the planning of educational projects. It is addressed to those new to project management looking for a step-by-step approach to planning which can be... More

    pp. 61-70

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  7. Providing services for young children in South Africa

    Christine Liddell & Jennifer Kemp

    This paper contains an analysis of services for young children set within the social and economic context of a less developed country, namely South Africa. It deals first with the present status of... More

    pp. 71-78

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  8. International education statistics and research: Status and problems

    Jeffrey M. Puryear

    Although governments throughout the world invest heavily in education, they spend remarkably little to monitor and evaluate their investment. Management of most of the world's education systems is ... More

    pp. 79-91

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  9. Social and cultural influences on students' responses to science in a Solomon Islands secondary school

    John Lowe

    p. 93

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