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Computers in the Schools

2017 Volume 34, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Jig Experiment: Development and Evaluation of a Cultural Dance Active Video Game for Promoting Youth Fitness

    Meg Rincker & Susan Misner

    School physical education teachers promote fitness by offering children a variety of aerobic activities. Our interdisciplinary team developed a cultural dance active video game (AVG) and tested... More

    pp. 223-235

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  2. The Effects of Multimedia Content Design Modalities on Students' Motivation and Achievement in History

    Sanghoon Park & Allison Braud

    This study examined the effects of different multimedia design modalities on middle-school students' motivation and achievement in history and also sought to determine whether an interaction effect... More

    pp. 236-252

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  3. Why 3D Print? The 21st-Century Skills Students Develop While Engaging in 3D Printing Projects

    Torrey Trust & Robert W. Maloy

    The emergence of 3D printing has raised hopes and concerns about how it can be used effectively as an educational technology in school classrooms. This paper presents the results of a survey asking... More

    pp. 253-266

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  4. Tracking Professional Development of Novice Teachers When Integrating Technology in Teaching Mathematics

    Irina Gurevich, Hana Stein & Dvora Gorev

    This research traced changes in choices of technological tools and attitudes toward technology use among novice mathematics teachers at three stages of their professional development: as pre... More

    pp. 267-283

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  5. Evaluating the Roles of Technology in the Global Read Aloud Project

    Jeffrey P. Carpenter & Julie Ellison Justice

    Computer applications readily available to many of today's teachers and students offer new possibilities for teaching and learning. One example of this can be found in the Global Read Aloud (GRA)... More

    pp. 284-303

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  6. Teaching Classic Probability Problems With Modern Digital Tools

    Sergei Abramovich & Yakov Yu. Nikitin

    This article is written to share teaching ideas about using commonly available computer applications--a spreadsheet, "The Geometer's Sketchpad", and "Wolfram Alpha"--to explore ... More

    pp. 318-336

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