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Computers in the Schools

2013 Volume 30, Number 3

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  1. The Digital Divide in Classrooms: Teacher Technology Comfort and Evaluations

    Michele Dornisch

    A disconnect exists between students' comfort with using technology for learning and teachers' comfort in using technology for teaching. Students report the desire for more engaging... More

    pp. 210-228

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  2. Using a Facebook Group As an Educational Tool: Effects on Student Achievement

    Blanche W. O'Bannon, Jeffrey L. Beard & Virginia G. Britt

    This study examined the effectiveness of using a Facebook group to increase pre-service teachers' knowledge of core technology topics. Further, it examined their use of Facebook, their use of ... More

    pp. 229-247

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  3. Effects of an Online Mathematics Curriculum for English Language Learners

    Lindy Crawford

    This study measured the effects of an online supplementary mathematics curriculum designed for middle school English language learners who speak Spanish as a first language. A randomized experiment... More

    pp. 248-270

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  4. Collaboration by Design: Using Robotics to Foster Social Interaction in Kindergarten

    Kenneth T. H. Lee, Amanda Sullivan & Marina U. Bers

    Research shows the importance of social interaction between peers in child development. Although technology can foster peer interactions, teachers often struggle with teaching with technology. This... More

    pp. 271-281

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  5. Implications of What Children Know about Computer Passwords

    Porter E. Coggins

    The purpose of this article is to present several implications and recommendations regarding what elementary school children, aged 9-12 years, know about computer passwords and what they know about... More

    pp. 282-293

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