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Computers in the Schools

2002 Volume 19, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The Web in Education: A Case of Unrealized Potential

    Cleborne D. Maddux

    Considers reasons for the unrealized potential of the World Wide Web in education. Topics include cultural lag; the speed of technical advancements; educational Web pages that lack interaction;... More

    pp. 7-17

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  2. The Introduction of Computers in an At-Risk Learning Environment: A Seven-Year Retrospective View

    Richard A. Diem & David S. Katims

    Presents a retrospective view of the infusion of computer technology at a large, predominantly ethnic/racial minority, inner-city high school serving at-risk students. Discusses results of in-depth... More

    pp. 19-32

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  3. Correlates of Computing Confidence among Teachers in an International Setting

    Hussein M. Yaghi & Ghazi M. Ghaith

    Discussion of the role of teachers' confidence in using computers in the successful implementation of information technology in education focuses on a study that investigated common factors that... More

    pp. 81-94

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  4. WebQuests: Can They Be Used To Improve Critical Thinking Skills in Students?

    Kimberly L. Vidoni & Cleborne D. Maddux

    Discusses WebQuest, an inquiry-oriented Web-based classroom learning tool, in terms of its applicability to classroom learning situations, particularly its ability to inspire critical thinking.... More

    pp. 101-17

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  5. Supporting the Development of Emotional Intelligence through Technology

    Richard Goldsworthy

    Explains emotional intelligence, traces its history, and proposes a framework for the design and development of technology-based instruction for emotional intelligence that will be used to... More

    pp. 119-48

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  6. Infusing Technology into the Elementary Classroom: A School/University Partnership Model

    Cassaundra El-Amin, Nancy Fordham, D Rosalind Hammond, Blanche O'Bannon, Vannetta Rachel & Karen Gruber

    Describes a project to infuse technology into elementary school and university classrooms that was implemented in two Professional Development Schools in order to impact the learning and... More

    pp. 149-62

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  7. The Computer Paint Program: A Palette for Facilitating Visual and Verbal Literacy

    S Kim MacGregor

    Describes a study of first- and fourth-grade students that explored the relationship between the use of a computer paint program to create visual images and the subsequent verbal expression of... More

    pp. 163-78

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