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Computers in the Schools

1996 Volume 12, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The World Wide Web and the Television Generation

    Cleborne D. Maddux

    The hypermedia nature of the World Wide Web may represent a true paradigm shift in telecommunications, but barriers exist to the Web having similar impact on education. Some of today's college... More

    pp. 23-30

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  2. Technology and Cost Models of K-12 Schools on the National Information Infrastructure

    Russell I. Rothstein & Lee McKnight

    Total costs were determined for five separate models of connecting schools to the National Information Infrastructure. The results indicated that hardware was a fraction of the overall cost, start-... More

    pp. 31-57

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  3. Theoretical Backgrounds: Internet for Training Teachers and the Development of the HyperCard Internet Primer

    Daniel K. Anderson

    Discusses theoretical backgrounds for training teachers to use the Internet, including: a history of the Internet, education reform, technology and education, teacher training, affective domains,... More

    pp. 73-88

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  4. Year 1 Evaluation of Nebraska's Statewide Plan: Connecting Schools to the Internet

    Neal W. Topp & Neal Grandgenett

    Reviews activities in the first year of a Nebraska plan to connect K-12 schools to the Internet, including: installing UNIX-based computers; developing a statewide training program; hiring;... More

    pp. 115-29

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