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Computers in the Schools

1984 Volume 1, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Educational Microcomputing: The Need for Research

    Cleborne D. Maddux

    Discusses results of two 1983 educational microcoputer use studies which indicate schools are acquiring microcomputers but lightly utilizing them, and concludes that this may be due to lack of... More

    pp. 35-41

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  2. The Computer: Humanistic Considerations

    Steve Harlow

    If the computer is viewed as an exciting instructional tool in the current Information society rather than as the answer to schools' dilemmas, school professionals can begin to explore its... More

    pp. 43-50

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  3. The Educational Promise of Logo

    Cleborne D. Maddux

    Discussion of Logo use to teach children computer programing covers the educational theory behind Logo, how it differs from other programing languages, its educational promise, its graphics... More

    pp. 79-89

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  4. Computer-Assisted Instruction: Current State of the Art

    Martha L. Atkinson

    Review of the literature on computer assisted instruction covers advantages of use; varieties; effectiveness variables including student achievement, learning time, and student attitudes; factors... More

    pp. 91-99

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