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1991 Volume 9, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The FirstSearch Experience at the Ohio State University

    Karen R. Snure

    In February 1991, OCLC tested its newly developed product--the FirstSearch Catalog. Designed distinctly for the end user, FirstSearch is an online computer system providing access to a variety of... More

    pp. 25-36

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  2. The Research Potential of the Electronic OED Database at the University of Waterloo: A Case Study

    Donna Lee Berg

    Discusses the history and structure of the online database of the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the software tools developed at the University of Waterloo to manipulate ... More

    pp. 37-52

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  3. Setting Up General Purpose CD-ROM Workstations

    Robert L. Bolin

    Provides detailed instructions for setting up general purpose CD-ROM workstations using IBM compatible microcomputers and tells how to make CD-ROM disks available to the general user. Use of... More

    pp. 53-62

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  4. Planning for Network Disaster: Telecommunications Diversity in the New OCLC Network

    Larry L. Learn & George L. Carpenter

    Provides background and insight into the totally new telecommunications network recently implemented by OCLC, as well as steps taken to assure that catastrophic events at critical carrier-network... More

    pp. 63-73

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  5. Clay Tablets to Micro Chips: The Evolution of Archival Practice into the Twenty-First Century

    Stephen E. Hannestad

    Describes archival concepts and theories and their evolution in recent times. Basic archival functions--appraisal, arrangement, description, reference, preservation, and publication--are introduced... More

    pp. 75-96

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  6. The Latest and Greatest: Upgrade, Replace, or Stall? Part II: Software

    Walt Crawford

    Review of upgrades to IBM and Macintosh software includes personal experiences with DOS 5.0, PC Tools Version 7, and Microsoft Word 5.5. Reasons for and problems with upgrades are then discussed,... More

    pp. 97-111

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