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1991 Volume 9, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Text Files in Libraries: Present Foundations and Future Directions

    John Price-Wilkin

    Discussion of text files and textual analysis in humanities research focuses on the results of two surveys of Research Libraries Group (RLG) academic libraries which was conducted to identify the... More

    pp. 7-44

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  2. Multipurpose Technical Services Workstations: Access to NOTIS/OCLC/GTO with a Single Microcomputer

    Marshall Breeding

    Describes microcomputer-based networks which have been implemented at Vanderbilt University's library to support technical services workstations that use NOTIS, catalog with OCLC, and transfer OCLC... More

    pp. 69-81

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  3. How Teachers Teach, How Students Learn: "Doing" History and Opening Windows

    Richard Hume Werking

    Discusses possible changes that may occur in higher education in the coming years in methods of teaching and learning history. The use of new technology to update current teaching methods and... More

    pp. 83-86

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