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Library Hi Tech

1997 Volume 15, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 12

  1. The Quebec National Library on the Web

    Shirley Kieran & Diane Sauve

    Provides an overview of the Quebec National Library (Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec, or BNQ) Web site. Highlights include issues related to content, design, and technology; IRIS, the BNQ online... More

    pp. 25-31

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  2. The CIC-EJC As a Model for Management of Internet-Accessible E-Journals

    Barbara McFadden Allen

    Describes the development of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Electronic Journal Collection (EJC) that was designed to be a comprehensive, managed electronic journal collection,... More

    pp. 45-49

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  3. The Library of Virginia's Digital Library Project

    Elizabeth Roderick, Jean Marie Taylor, Sam Byrd & Glenn Courson

    Describes The Library of Virginia's Digital Library Project that has made many of its state library collections available via the Internet and World Wide Web. Highlights include digitization... More

    pp. 56-62

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  4. Clearwater Public Library World Wide Web Site

    Chris Lofback

    Describes the Clearwater (Florida) Public Library Web site which was created as a response to the growing use of the Internet for accessing information. Topics include design considerations; users;... More

    pp. 66-74

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  5. Washington Public Libraries Online: Collaborating in Cyberspace

    Nancy Wildin

    Discussion of public libraries, the Internet, and the World Wide Web focuses on development of a Web site in Washington. Highlights include access to the Internet through online public access... More

    pp. 75-79

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  6. Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Public Library Internet Web Site

    Marie Albertson

    Describes the development of the Hagerstown (Indiana) public library's Web site. Highlights include writing successful grant proposals for funding; software from Microsoft; community support; free ... More

    pp. 80-82

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  7. The Michigan Electronic Library

    Susanna L. Davidsen

    Describes the Michigan Electronic Library (MEL), the largest evaluated and organized Web-based library of Internet resources, that was designed to provide a library of electronic information... More

    pp. 101-6

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  8. EEVL: An Internet Gateway for Engineers

    Linda Kerr & Roddy MacLeod

    Explains EEVL (Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library), a gateway to Internet resources in engineering that was developed to improve access to networked engineering information for United Kingdom... More

    pp. 110-18

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  9. Browsing Your Virtual Library: The Case of Expanding Universe

    Wayne Daniels, Jeanne Enright & Scott Mackenzie

    Describes "Expanding Universe: a classified search tool for amateur astronomy," a Web site maintained by the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library which uses a modified form of the Dewey Decimal... More

    pp. 119-26

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  10. ESS: The Library of Congress Experimental Search System

    Dean Wilder & Rich Greenfield

    Describes the Library of Congress's Experimental Search System (ESS), a Web-based online public access catalog that introduced new search methods to replace Boolean searching as well as powerful... More

    pp. 127-35

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  11. OhioLINK-The Ohio Library and Information Network

    Thomas Dowling

    Describes the design process for creating a Web site that provides access to services of OhioLINK (The Ohio Library and Information Network), a consortium of libraries from higher education... More

    pp. 136-39

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  12. Vision vs. Reality: Planning for the Implementation of a Web-Based Online Catalog in an Academic Library

    Nancy K Dennis, Christina E. Carter & Sever Bordeianu

    Discusses the implementation of Web-based online public access catalogs in academic libraries. Highlights include infrastructure issues, including the server, network issues, and desktop... More

    pp. 159-71

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