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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1992 Volume 8, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. The Influence of Student Computer-Ownership and In-Home Use on Achievement in an Elementary School Computer Programming Curriculum

    Lois Mayer Nichols

    Describes a study that was conducted to investigate the influence of home computer ownership and use on the achievement of second- and fifth-grade students in a programing curriculum. The use of... More

    pp. 407-21

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  2. Preschooler's Use of Microcomputers and Input Devices

    John King & Nola Alloway

    Describes a study that measured preschoolers' use of microcomputers in the following areas: (1) efficiency of use of input devices, including the keyboard, the joystick, and the mouse; (2) use... More

    pp. 451-68

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  3. Computer Anxiety and Different Types of Computer Courses

    Tim Leso & Kyle L. Peck

    Describes a study of undergraduates that was conducted to describe differences in anxiety in students entering two computer courses (i.e., a problem-solving and programing course and a software... More

    pp. 469-78

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  4. Effects of Orienting Activities and Instructional Control on Learning Facts and Procedures from Interactive Video

    Mariela Tovar & Gary Coldevin

    Describes a study that was designed to investigate the interaction between three levels of instructional control (i.e., linear, mixed, and learner) and provision of an orienting activity on college... More

    pp. 507-19

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  5. Logo Mastery and Spatial Problem-Solving by Young Children: Effects of Logo Language Training, Route-Strategy Training, and Learning Styles on Immediate Learning and Transfer

    J Allen Watson

    Describes a study that examined preschoolers' abilities to learn problem solving with LOGO, learn new strategies to use during problem solving, and transfer computer learning to other settings.... More

    pp. 521-40

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