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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1992 Volume 8, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Computer-Based Integrated Learning Systems in the Elementary and Middle Grades: A Critical Review and Synthesis of Evaluation Reports

    Henry Jay Becker

    Discusses the use and advantages of integrated learning systems (ILSs) in elementary and middle grades, and reanalyzes 30 evaluations of ILSs by using effect size statistics. Research problems are ... More

    pp. 1-41

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  2. Computer-Assisted Thinking Tools: Problem Solving in Graphical Data Analysis

    David F. Jackson

    Describes a study of high school students that investigated the use of microcomputers to teach principles relating to the design and interpretation of graphs. Results related to student achievement... More

    pp. 43-67

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  3. Formative Evaluation of Computer Courseware: An Experimental Comparison of Two Methods

    David C. Byrum

    Discusses formative evaluation of courseware and describes a study of undergraduates that compared the effects of two methods of formative evaluation on the revision of a computer-assisted... More

    pp. 69-80

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  4. A Taxonomy for Computer Software Adoption Policy

    Zimra Peled

    Proposes a taxonomy to aid decision makers in selecting computer software consistent with their educational values regarding the nature of instruction and the use of information technology, based... More

    pp. 81-100

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  5. Motivational and Achievement Effects of Learner Control over Content Review within CAI

    Mable B. Kinzie

    Describes a study of ninth graders that investigated the effects of learner and program control over content review in science-related computer-assisted instruction (CAI). Results of posttests,... More

    pp. 101-14

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