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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2012 Volume 47, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. An Approach to Encouraging and Evaluating Learner's Knowledge Contribution in Web-Based Collaborative Learning

    Yu-Feng Lan, Pin-Chuan Lin & Chun-Ling Hung

    Although previous research has demonstrated learning benefits for both instructors and students in the web-based collaborative learning environments, one of them major difficulties is the lack of a... More

    pp. 107-135

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  2. Preparing Students in Online Debates with Worked Examples

    Scott Tollison & Kui Xie

    The current study investigates the effects of preparing students for an online debate through a worked example in terms of student perception, participation, and level of cognitive skills. The... More

    pp. 155-174

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  3. Argumentation in Secondary School Students' Structured and Unstructured Chat Discussions

    Timo Salminen, Miika Marttunen & Leena Laurinen

    Joint construction of new knowledge demands that persons can express their statements in a convincing way and explore other people's arguments constructively. For this reason, more knowledge on... More

    pp. 175-208

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  4. Computer-Managed Instruction (CMI)-Based Online Forums

    Mee-Chin Wee, A Abrizah & Lip Yee Por

    A CMI-based online forum is designed to address the need for a system to manage students' online participation. The proposed system may reduce the time required to manage online participation. The ... More

    pp. 209-233

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