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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2012 Volume 46, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Pitfalls of Mobile Devices in Learning: A Different View and Implications for Pedagogical Design

    Yu-Liang Ting

    Studies have been devoted to the design, implementation, and evaluation of mobile learning in practice. A common issue among students' responses toward this type of learning concerns the pitfalls... More

    pp. 119-134

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  2. Direct and Indirect Teaching: Using E-Books for Supporting Vocabulary, Word Reading, and Story Comprehension for Young Children

    Ofra Korat & Adina Shamir

    We examine the effect of direct and indirect teaching of vocabulary and word reading on pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children following use of an electronic storybook (e-book). The children in... More

    pp. 135-152

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  3. Central Computer Science Concepts to Research-Based Teacher Training in Computer Science: An Experimental Study

    Andreas Zendler & Dieter Klaudt

    The significance of computer science for economics and society is undisputed. In particular, computer science is acknowledged to play a key role in schools (e.g., by opening multiple career paths).... More

    pp. 153-172

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  4. The Impact of Critical Thinking and Logico-Mathematical Intelligence on Algorithmic Design Skills

    Ozgen Korkmaz

    The present study aims to reveal the impact of students' critical thinking and logico-mathematical intelligence levels of students on their algorithm design skills. This research was a descriptive ... More

    pp. 173-193

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  5. Using Electronic Resources to Support Problem-Based Learning

    Chen-Chi Chang, Ay Jong & Fu-Chang Huang

    Students acquire skills in problem solving and critical thinking through the process as well as team work on problem-based learning courses. Many courses have started to involve the online learning... More

    pp. 195-206

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