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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2009 Volume 40, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Building a Networked Environment in Wikis: The Evolving Phases of Collaborative Learning in a Wikibook Project

    Hong Lin & Kathleen D. Kelsey

    Wikis, when used as an open editing tool, can have profound and subtle effects on students' collaborative learning process. Hailed as a collaborative learning and writing tool, many questions... More

    pp. 145-169

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  2. And Never the Two Shall Meet?: Student vs. Faculty Perceptions of Online Courses

    Randall E. Osborne, Paul Kriese, Heather Tobey & Emily Johnson

    The education literature is blossoming with work on perceptions of distance education, online teaching, hybrid courses, and the like. Although this literature is important for helping faculty to... More

    pp. 171-182

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  3. Examining Online Learning Patterns with Data Mining Techniques in Peer-Moderated and Teacher-Moderated Courses

    Jui-Long Hung & Steven M. Crooks

    The student learning process is important in online learning environments. If instructors can "observe" online learning behaviors, they can provide adaptive feedback, adjust instructional... More

    pp. 183-210

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  4. Instructor and Student Classroom Interactions during Technology Skills Instruction for Facilitating Preservice Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy

    Joyce H. L. Koh & Theodore W. Frick

    Technology skills instruction is an important component of educational technology courses, which has been shown to raise pre-service teachers' computer self-efficacy. Computer self-efficacy, in... More

    pp. 211-228

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  5. Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use for Websites Used by Students in Higher Education

    Paul van Schaik

    A unified framework for researching technology acceptance, the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT), was previously proposed and validated. The aim of this article is to... More

    pp. 229-257

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