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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2008 Volume 39, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. One-to-One Computing: What Does It Bring to Schools?

    Jing Lei & Yong Zhao

    This study investigates students' use of one-to-one laptops for various activities and the impact of one-to-one computing on student learning and school culture. Based on data collected from... More

    pp. 97-122

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  2. The Effects of Pacing on the Academic Testing Performance of College Students with ADHD: A Mixed Methods Study

    Kathryn S. Lee, Randall E. Osborne, Keith A. Hayes & Richard A. Simoes

    Minimal research has been conducted contrasting the effectiveness of various testing accommodations for college students diagnosed with ADHD. The current assumption is that these students are best ... More

    pp. 123-141

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  3. Multimedia and Cognition: Examining the Effect of Applying Cognitive Principles to the Design of Instructional Materials

    Nik Thompson & Tanya Jane McGill

    The human cognitive system possesses a finite processing capacity, which is split into channels for various modalities, and learning can be inhibited if any of the cognitive channels is overloaded.... More

    pp. 143-159

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  4. Effects of Time-Compressed Narration and Representational Adjunct Images on Cued-Recall, Content Recognition, and Learner Satisfaction

    Albert Dieter Ritzhaupt & Ann Barron

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of time-compressed narration and representational adjunct images on a learner's ability to recall and recognize information. The experiment... More

    pp. 161-184

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  5. Cognitive Costs of Navigation Aids in Hypermedia Learning

    Jacqueline Waniek & Karolin Ewald

    This study examines the cognitive costs of navigation aids in a hypermedia learning task. In a 2(navigable vs. non-navigable) x 2(map vs. content list) experimental design cognitive requirements... More

    pp. 185-204

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