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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2007 Volume 37, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Influences of Learning Portfolios and Attitudes on Learning Effects in Blended E-Learning for Mathematics

    Chun-Hsiung Lee, Dowming Yeh, Regina J. Kung & Chin-Shan Hsu

    This study mainly investigates the factors affecting the learning effects in a blended e-Learning course for Mathematics. The research targets of this study are 48 junior high school students.... More

    pp. 331-350

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  2. The Effect of the Texas Instrument Interactive Instructional Environment on the Mathematical Achievement of Eleventh Grade Low Achieving Students

    Beth Bos

    Teaching and learning mathematics with technology poses a unique dilemma. If technology is to enhance mathematical achievement (NCTM, 2000), why do documented studies indicate that this may not be ... More

    pp. 351-368

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  3. Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Note Taking on Computer-Based Graphic Organizers

    Steven M. Crooks, David R. White & Lucy Barnard

    Previous research on graphic organizer (GO) note taking has shown that this method is most effective when the GO is presented to the student partially complete with provided notes. This study... More

    pp. 369-391

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  4. How Teachers' Uses of Technology Vary by Tenure and Longevity

    Michael Russell, Laura M. O'Dwyer, Damian Bebell & Wei Tao

    In spite of large expenditures on and increased access to educational technologies, a concern remains that computer-based technologies are not being integrated into regular instructional practices.... More

    pp. 393-417

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  5. The Contribution of DSS to Limiting Differences in Decisions between Successful and Unsuccessful Teachers

    Joseph Klein

    This study examined the contribution of a Decision Support System (DSS) to minimizing differences between the educational decisions of 310 teachers who were classified, according to the teaching... More

    pp. 419-435

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