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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2007 Volume 36, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Cognitive and Affective Benefits of an Animated Pedagogical Agent: Considering Contextual Relevance and Aesthetics

    George Veletsianos

    Choi and Clark (2006) argue that learning is attributed to the instructional method rather than the specific medium used to deliver instruction (i.e., the pedagogical agent). Additionally, they... More

    pp. 373-377

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  2. The Questionable Benefits of Pedagogical Agents: Response to Veletsianos

    Richard E. Clark & Sunhee Choi

    The point of Choi and Clark (2006) was that after many well-designed studies, they have no evidence for either the learning or the motivational benefits of pedagogical agents. In their study, they ... More

    pp. 379-381

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  3. Online Students' Expectations: Enhancing the Fit between Online Students and Course Design

    Jonathan Brinkerhoff & Carol M. Koroghlanian

    Learner analysis and needs assessments are basic elements of all instructional design models and are of concern to those designing distance education courses. Mismatches between students'... More

    pp. 383-393

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  4. Investigating the Sources of Teachers' Instructional Technology Use through the Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior

    Ya-Ming Shiue

    Based on the decomposed theory of planned behavior, this study used path analysis to examine the relative strength of the factors that influence teachers' use of instructional technology. The study... More

    pp. 425-453

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  5. The Impact of Preservice Teachers' Emotions on Computer Use: A Formative Analysis

    Robin Kay

    Previous research on the effect of technology-based preservice education programs has been assessed by examining changes in computer ability and attitudes. Systematic exploration looking at the... More

    pp. 455-479

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  6. Ubiquitous Computing and Changing Pedagogical Possibilities: Representations, Conceptualizations and Uses of Knowledge

    Karen Swan, Mark Van 'T Hooft, Annette Kratcoski & Jason Schenker

    This article reports on preliminary findings from an ongoing study of teaching and learning in a ubiquitous computing classroom. The research employed mixed methods and multiple measures to... More

    pp. 481-515

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