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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2007 Volume 36, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. A Model for Research into Course Management Systems: Bridging Technology and Learning Theory

    Steven R. Malikowski, Merton E. Thompson & John G. Theis

    Course management systems (CMSs), such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, or WebCT, have become a common resource at universities, colleges, and distance learning organizations. Research into how these... More

    pp. 149-173

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  2. An Examination of Research Approaches that Underlie Research on Educational Technology: A Review from 2000 to 2004

    Stefan Hrastinski & Christina Keller

    This study examines the research approaches that underlie research on educational technology. A classification framework was developed and used when examining all articles published in four well... More

    pp. 175-190

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  3. Tutoring Bilingual Students with an Automated Reading Tutor that Listens

    Robert Poulsen, Peter Hastings & David Allbritton

    Children from non-English-speaking homes are doubly disadvantaged when learning English in school. They enter school with less prior knowledge of English sounds, word meanings, and sentence... More

    pp. 191-221

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  4. Determining the Effectiveness of the 3D Alice Programming Environment at the Computer Science I Level

    Edward R. Sykes

    Student retention in Computer Science is becoming a serious concern among Educators in many colleges and universities. Most institutions currently face a significant drop in enrollment in Computer ... More

    pp. 223-244

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