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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2005 Volume 33, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Software Piracy among College Students: A Comprehensive Review of Contributing Factors, Underlying Processes, and Tackling Strategies

    Zhili Liang & Zheng Yan

    This article reviewed empirical studies published in the past 30 years that examined software piracy among college students. It focused on three areas of study: (a) major factors that affect... More

    pp. 115-140

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  2. High-School Students' Regulation of Learning during Computer-Based Science Inquiry

    Fielding I. Winters & Roger Azevedo

    Sixty-two high-school biology students, paired heterogeneously based on prior knowledge, learned about genetic using GenScope, a computer-based learning environment (CBLE), over four 90-minute... More

    pp. 189-217

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  3. Scaffolding Novice Instructional Designers' Problem-Solving Processes Using Question Prompts in a Web-Based Learning Environment

    Xun Ge, Ching-Huei Chen & Kendrick A. Davis

    The present study investigated the effects of question prompts in scaffolding novice instructional designers solving ill-structured, instructional design problems in a Web-based learning... More

    pp. 219-248

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