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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2005 Volume 33, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Multimedia and Hypermedia Solutions for Promoting Metacognitive Engagement, Coherence, and Learning

    Danielle S. Mcnamara & Amy M. Shapiro

    Users of educational hypertext are faced with the challenge of creating meaning both within and between texts. Cohesion is an important factor contributing to whether a reader is able to capture... More

    pp. 1-29

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  2. Augmented by Reality: The Pedagogical Praxis of Urban Planning as a Pathway to Ecological Thinking

    Kelly L. Beckett & David Williamson Shaffer

    In this article, we present a study focused on developing students' understanding of the ecology through participation in a technology-supported urban planning simulation--specifically, 11 high... More

    pp. 31-52

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  3. General Models for Automated Essay Scoring: Exploring an Alternative to the Status Quo

    P Adam Kelly

    Powers, Burstein, Chodorow, Fowles, and Kukich (2002) suggested that automated essay scoring (AES) may benefit from the use of "general" scoring models designed to score essays irrespective of the ... More

    pp. 101-113

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