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Journal of Educational Computing Research

July 2005 Volume 32, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Replacing Lecture with Web-Based Course Materials

    Richard Scheines, Gaea Leinhardt, Joel Smith & Kwangsu Cho

    In a series of 5 experiments in 2000 and 2001, several hundred students at two different universities with three different professors and six different teaching assistants took a semester long... More

    pp. 1-25

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  2. Student Computer Skills and Attitudes toward Internet-Delivered Instruction: An Assessment of Stability over Time and Place

    Jonathan Brinkerhoff & Carol M. Koroghlanian

    With the expansion of Internet-based instruction, research-based guidelines are needed to support faculty decision making during course design to ensure student success and satisfaction with... More

    pp. 27-56

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  3. How the Perceived Masculinity and/or Femininity of Software Applications Influences Students' Software Preferences

    Nichole Pinkard

    Increasingly, technology skills are becoming central to academic and economic success. More and more technological tools are becoming a vehicle for teaching and learning and a vehicle for buying... More

    pp. 57-78

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  4. Interaction of Hypertext Forms and Global Versus Sequential Learning Styles

    Andreas Dunser & Marco Jirasko

    In this study, the relevance of the distinction between sequential and global learners in the context of learning with hypertext was investigated. Learners with global learning style were expected ... More

    pp. 79-91

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