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Journal of Educational Computing Research

Jan 01, 2004 Volume 31, Number 4

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  1. Understanding Process and Affective Factors in Small Group versus Individual Learning with Technology

    Yiping Lou

    Based on 198 independent findings from 71 studies with experimental or statistical controls, the results of this meta-analysis indicate that, on average, students learning with computers in small... More

    pp. 337-369

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  2. The Development of the Attitude Towards Computerized Assessment Scale

    Brooke Smith & Peter Caputi

    Test equivalence can be evaluated in terms of four aspects: psychometric, behavioral, experiential, and individual differences (i.e., relativity of equivalence) (Honaker, 1988). This study examined... More

    pp. 407-422

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  3. Supporting Technology Integration within a Teacher Education System

    Scott P. Schaffer & Jennifer C. Richardson

    The purpose of this case study was to examine a teacher education system relative to the degree of performance support for the use of technology to support learning. Performance support was... More

    pp. 423-435

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  4. Assessment of PBL Design Approach in a Dietetic Web-Based Instruction

    Lih-Juan Chanlin & Kung-Chi Chan

    Problem-based learning (PBL) is often promoted in response to the current need of offering authentic and effective professional education. Traditionally, PBL is used in face-to-face learning... More

    pp. 437-452

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