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Journal of Educational Computing Research

Mar 01, 2004 Volume 30, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Evaluating the Extent of Ill-Structured Problem Solving Process among Pre-Service Teachers in an Asynchronous Online Discussion and Reflection Log Learning Environment

    Wing Sum Cheung & Khe Foon Hew

    Most educators increasingly regard ill-structured problem solving as an important objective of learning and have sought various means to achieve it. In this article, we describe a learning... More

    pp. 197-227

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  2. Does Frontal EEG Beta Have Application in Anxiety Monitoring during Computer-Based Learning?

    M Macaulay & E Edmonds

    One of the psychological states that can be monitored and influenced during learning in order to improve its various aspects is the state of anxiety, and one possible index of this state is frontal... More

    pp. 229-241

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  3. An Investigation of Context Effects for Item Randomization within Testlets

    Mark Pomplun & Timothy Ritchie

    This study investigated the statistical and practical significance of context effects for items randomized within testlets for administration during a series of computerized non-adaptive tests. One... More

    pp. 243-254

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  4. Online Study Behavior of 100,000 Students Preparing for the SAT, ACT, and GRE

    Eric Loken, Filip Radlinski, Vincent H. Crespi, Josh Millet & Lesleigh Cushing

    Direct observation of student study behavior is possible when students use computer-based learning materials. Data recorded on the self-directed studying of more than 100,000 students using a Web... More

    pp. 255-262

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