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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2003 Volume 29, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Mediating Effects of Anonymity and Proximity in an Online Synchronized Competitive Learning Environment

    Fu-Yun Yu

    Since past studies showing that competition has negative effects on group process were primarily conducted in traditional classrooms involving face-to-face situations, this study extends past... More

    pp. 153-167

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  2. The Effect of a Computer Tutor for Writers on Student Writing Achievement

    Kurt Rowley & Nick Meyer

    A Computer Tutor for Writers (CTW) was designed to provide procedural facilitation to high school students while they learn the skills and knowledge associated with composition writing. Four... More

    pp. 169-187

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  3. Distributive Learning in Introductory Chemical Engineering: University Students' Learning, Motivation, and Attitudes Using a CD-ROM

    Barbara A. Greene, Connie Dillon & Billy Crynes

    This article reports a study in which student performance and approaches to study in a CD-ROM version of a chemical engineering course were examined. The study consists of three phases. The purpose... More

    pp. 189-207

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  4. The Investigation of the Degree of Difficulty in the Learning Materials by the Recursive Method

    Wu-Yuin Hwang & Shing-Ling Wu

    The purpose of this article is to identify the difficulty of learning materials in the network by using learner's portfolio in the asynchronous learning system. Asynchronous learning takes the... More

    pp. 253-275

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