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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2003 Volume 29, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Are Learning Styles Relevant in Web-Based Instruction?

    Rorie N. Harris, William O. Dwyer & Frank C. Leeming

    This study investigated the impact of learning style on performance in a Web-based learning environment. Specifically, Introductory Psychology students with different learning styles, as measured... More

    pp. 13-28

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  2. The Web versus the Classroom: Instructor Experiences in Discussion-Based and Mathematics-Based Disciplines

    Glenn Gordon Smith, David Ferguson & Mieke Caris

    This study examined the instructor experience of teaching college courses (discussion-based and mathematics) over the Web, versus in the classroom, in terms of teaching, social issues, and emergent... More

    pp. 29-59

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  3. Evaluation of an Automated Reading Tutor that Listens: Comparison to Human Tutoring and Classroom Instruction

    Jack Mostow, Greg Aist, Paul Burkhead, Albert Corbett, Andrew Cuneo, Susan Eitelman, Cathy Huang, Brian Junker, Mary Beth Sklar & Brian Tobin

    A year-long study of 131 second and third graders in 12 classrooms compared three daily 20-minute treatments. a) Fifty-eight students in six classrooms used the 1999-2000 version of Project LISTEN'... More

    pp. 61-117

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  4. Constructing Community in a Postsecondary Virtual Classroom

    Virginia A. Bielman, Leann G. Putney & Neal Strudler

    Interactional ethnography with a social constructionist perspective was used as an orienting theoretical framework to investigate how a community of learners was constructed in a postsecondary... More

    pp. 119-144

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