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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2003 Volume 28, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Prediction of Learning and Satisfaction in Web-Based and Lecture Courses

    Ruth H. Maki & William S. Maki

    We investigated variables that affect learning and satisfaction in Web-based and lecture versions of introductory psychology courses. Student characteristics, including year in college, college... More

    pp. 197-219

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  2. The Effects of Web-Assisted Learning on Students' Anxiety

    Michael Macaulay

    As increasing amounts of study materials migrate onto the Web, a future is now conceivable in which using the Web for studying will be the most common method of studying. However, there is the... More

    pp. 221-230

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  3. Gender and Learning Style Interactions in Students' Computer Attitudes

    Pat C. Ames

    University students' attitudes toward computers were assessed as a function of learning style. Analyses of responses provided by 232 students to a learning style assessment instrument and a... More

    pp. 231-244

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  4. Usability of Interactive Computers in Exhibitions: Designing Knowledgeable Information for Visitors

    Roxane Bernier

    This article investigates three types of content presentation (video documentary, computerized dictionary, and games) within interactive computer use at the Quebec Museum of Civilization. The... More

    pp. 245-272

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  5. Use of Group Discussion and Learning Portfolio to Build Knowledge for Managing Web Group Learning

    Gwo-Dong Chen, Kuo-Liang Ou & Chin-Yeh Wang

    To monitor and enhance the learning performance of learning groups in a Web learning system, teachers need to know the learning status of the group and determine the key influences affecting group ... More

    pp. 291-315

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