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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2001 Volume 25, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Shared Hypermedia: Communication and Interaction in Web-Based Learning Environments

    Giuseppe Riva

    Presents a framework for the development of Web-based learning environments that is focused on shared hypermedia, a new form of computer-mediated communication. Highlights include how communication... More

    pp. 205-26

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  2. Differences in Attitudes between Women and Men toward Computerization

    Ananda Mitra, Betty LaFrance & Sandra McCullough

    This longitudinal study examines the gender differences in attitudes toward computerization at a liberal arts university. Discusses gender effects research in computer use; diffusion of innovations... More

    pp. 227-44

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  3. Turned On/Switched Off: Exploring Children's Engagement with Computers in Primary School

    Neil Selwyn

    Explores the perceptions and views of primary school children in exploring, discussing, and rationalizing their use of computers in the classroom based on focus group interviews with students in... More

    pp. 245-66

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  4. Measuring Students' Attitudes toward Educational Use of the Internet

    Ashley Duggan, Brian Hess, Deanna Morgan, Sooyeon Kim & Katherine Wilson

    Describes a study that developed an instrument to provide a quantitative measure of the attitudes of undergraduates toward educational use of the Internet and studied selected behavioral correlates... More

    pp. 267-81

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  5. Integrating the Use of Internet as an Instructional Tool: Examining the Process of Change

    Vera T. Gershner & Sharla L. Snider

    Describes technology integration into the curriculum in a Texas school district. Discusses teacher training and explains measurement techniques, including Concerns Based Adoption Model for changes ... More

    pp. 283-300

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  6. Influence of Passive versus Active Information Access to Hypertextual Information Resources on Cognitive and Emotional Parameters

    Jorg Zumbach, Peter Reimann & Sabine Koch

    Describes a study of university students that examined the influences of navigation in hypertext learning environments and discusses advantages and disadvantages of hypertext as instructional media... More

    pp. 301-18

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