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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2000 Volume 23, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Assessing Technology Enhanced Instruction: A Case Study in Secondary Science

    Janice E. J. Woodrow, Jolie A. Mayer-Smith & Erminia G. Pedretti

    Describes an evaluation program designed to assess the effectiveness of technology enhanced instruction within the context of the Technology Enhanced Secondary Science Instruction (TESSI) project, ... More

    pp. 15-39

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  2. Gender and Computer Use in an Academic Institution: Report from a Longitudinal Study

    Ananda Mitra, Stefne Lenzmeier, Timothy Steffensmeier, Rachel Avon, Nancy Qu & Mike Hazen

    Explores the nature of the relationships between gender, categories of computer use, and attitudes toward computers in a computer-enriched university environment where students had network access... More

    pp. 67-84

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  3. Nonprint Media and Technology Literacy Standards for Assessing Technology Integration

    Karen Swan

    Suggests a set of cumulative standards for assessing the use of nonprint media and electronic technologies in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Discusses technology integration across... More

    pp. 85-100

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  4. Alternative Assessment Approaches for Online Learning Environments in Higher Education

    Thomas C. Reeves

    Describes the need and prospects for alternative assessment approaches in online learning environments in higher education. Explains the difference between assessment and evaluation and discusses... More

    pp. 101-11

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