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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1999 Volume 21, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Logging for Success: Advancing the Use of WWW Logs To Improve Computer Mediated Distance Learning

    Alon Peled & David Rashty

    Discussion of learning environments for distance education based on the World Wide Web (WWW) focuses on how academic institutions can collect and analyze data in order to determine the... More

    pp. 413-31

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  2. Ethical Reasoning: Real and Simulated

    Judith McQuaide, Gaea Leinhardt & Catherine Stainton

    Describes a study that examined high school students' ethical reasoning in the context of their participation in a computer simulation of a workplace environment. Includes opportunities for ethical... More

    pp. 433-74

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  3. Design and Delivery of Integrated Learning Systems: Their Impact on Student Achievement and Attitudes

    Thomas A. Brush, John Armstrong, Dan Barbrow & Lois Ulintz

    Describes research conducted with students in grades three, four, and five to determine if providing teachers with a wider variety of computer-based resources to integrate with instructional... More

    pp. 475-86

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  4. Time on Task, Interaction, and Information Handling in Multimedia Learning Environments

    Smeets & Ton Mooij

    Reports results from a study of the effects of multimedia learning environments in geography in a Dutch secondary school. Discusses information and communication technology and learning behavior,... More

    pp. 487-502

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