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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1997 Volume 17, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Computers and "The Mind": An Intervention Study

    C M. Fletcher-Flinn & T Suddendorf

    This study examined the relationships between computer use and the development of social metacognition in young children by using an intervention design. Preschool children were given three false... More

    pp. 103-18

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  2. Investigating the Impact of Elements in Educational Mathematics Software on Girls' Attitudes

    Kelly K. Chappell

    Describes two studies that investigated the impact of three features of educational software (aggressive distracters, competition, and underrepresentation of female characters) on girls' attitudes ... More

    pp. 119-33

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  3. Effects of Learners' Language Backgrounds and Computer Graphics Display Strategies in a Hypermedia Learning Environment

    Li-Ling Chen

    Discussion of multicultural classrooms and English-as-a-Second-Language focuses on a study that investigated the relationship of learners' language backgrounds and different computer graphics... More

    pp. 135-45

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  4. Effects of Computer-Based Role-Playing on Decision Making Skills

    Holly A. Taylor, Michael D. Jensen & Carl E. Renshaw

    Describes two studies that assessed decision-making skills using common cognitive errors and evaluated the impact of computer-based role-playing exercises on the development of these skills.... More

    pp. 147-64

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  5. Dyadic vs. Individual Practice with Exploratory and Directive Mathematics Tutors

    Robert M. Yadrick, J Wesley Regian, Catherine Connolly-Gomez & Linda Robertson-Schule

    Compared performance of low-aptitude remedial adults learning to solve mathematics word problems. Participants worked either alone or as collaborative dyads and received instruction/practice using ... More

    pp. 165-86

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