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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1997 Volume 16, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Conceptual and Methodological Shortcomings in Hypertext/Hypermedia Design and Research

    Sigmar-Olaf Tergan

    Some studies of hypertext/hypermedia systems have concluded that there is little evidence supporting its educational efficacy. After examining conceptual and methodological shortcomings of research... More

    pp. 209-35

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  2. Pre-University Students' Attitudes toward Computers: An International Perspective

    Hussein M. Yaghi

    A study of 644 Lebanese students (grades 6-12) investigated computer attitudes (including the effect of gender and home ownership of computers) using the Bath County Computer Attitudes Scale.... More

    pp. 237-49

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  3. An Exploratory Study of the Possible Impact of Cerebral Hemisphericity on the Performance of Select Linear, Non-Linear, and Spatial Computer Tasks

    James J. McCluskey

    A study of 160 undergraduate journalism students trained to design projects (stacks) using HyperCard on Macintosh computers determined that right-brain dominant subjects outperformed left-brain and... More

    pp. 269-79

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  4. Microcomputer-Based Computer-Assisted Instruction within Differing Subject Areas: A Statistical Deduction

    Edwin Christmann, John Badgett & Robert Lucking

    A meta-analysis compared the academic achievement of students (grades 6-12) who received traditional instruction or traditional instruction supplemented with computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in ... More

    pp. 281-96

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