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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1996 Volume 15, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Using Hypertext for Studying and Information Search

    Jos Beishuizen

    This discussion of hypertext focuses on a study of undergraduates that explored the conditions for making hypertext a better environment than a traditional linear text for studying and for an... More

    pp. 289-316

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  2. Effects of Linking Structure and Cognitive Style on Students' Performance and Attitude in a Computer-Based Hypertext Environment

    Chi-Hui Lin & Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers

    Describes a study of undergraduates that determined the implications of content organization and cognitive style with regard to the design of hypertext. Highlights include effects of linking... More

    pp. 317-29

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  3. The Use of Theory-Based Computer-Assisted Instruction in Correctional Centers To Enhance the Reading Skills of Reading-Disadvantaged Adults

    P Frank McKane & Barbara A. Greene

    Describes a study that examined the effectiveness of theory-based computer-assisted instruction for reading with incarcerated adults reading below the ninth-grade level. Results of pre- and post... More

    pp. 331-44

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  4. Some Conditions Under Which Integrated Computer-Based Training Software Can Facilitate Learning

    Narciso Cerpa

    Describes two experiments conducted with Australian high school students that investigated the use of self-contained, screen-based material for learning new computer application programs as opposed... More

    pp. 345-67

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  5. Computer Attitudes, Gender and Exploratory Behavior: A Developmental Study

    Claire M. Fletcher-Finn & Thomas Suddendorf

    Three studies were conducted in New Zealand with preschool children and high school students which examined computer attitudes and the effect of particular gender views on exploratory behavior.... More

    pp. 369-92

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