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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1994 Volume 11, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Exploration of the Relationship between Prior Computing Experience and Gender on Success in College Computer Science

    Harriet G. Taylor & Luegina C. Mounfield

    Presents research conducted with a group of non-computer science majors to determine the effects of prior computing experience on success in college computer science courses. Specific relationships... More

    pp. 291-306

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  2. The Development of Computer-Related Attitudes of Secondary Students

    Janice E. J. Woodrow

    Describes results of a study that investigated development of attitudes toward computer utilization over time of a group of secondary school students from grade 8 to grade 11. Tests indicated that ... More

    pp. 307-38

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  3. Gender-Differences in Computer Experience and Its Influence on Computer Attitudes

    Lily Shashaani

    This study of 902 boys and 828 girls in secondary school shows that gender differences in computer experience have a direct relationship to computer attitudes. Data gathered support the hypothesis ... More

    pp. 347-67

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  4. Explaining Performance on P&P versus Computer Mode of Administration for the Verbal Section of the Graduate Record Exam

    Lora Ann Vogel

    Reports on a study conducted to evaluate how individual differences in anxiety levels affect performance on computer versus paper-and-pencil forms of verbal sections of the Graduate Record... More

    pp. 369-83

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