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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1985 Volume 1, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Confounding in Educational Computing Research

    Richard E. Clark

    This critical examination of the assumption that computer-based instruction enhances student learning and performance over traditional means summarizes arguments from past and present analyses of... More

    pp. 137-48

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  2. Computerized Testing: The Hidden Figures Test

    Ronald L. Jacobs

    This study adapted the Hidden Figures Test for use on PLATO and determined the reliability of the computerized version compared to the paper and pencil version. Results indicate the test was... More

    pp. 173-78

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  3. Process versus Product: A Perspective on Tools for Communal and Informal Electronic Learning

    John Seely Brown

    Exploration of concepts crucial to development of new computer-based learning environments focuses on process rather than product and the computer's ability to record, represent, and communicate... More

    pp. 179-201

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  4. Microcomputer Software: Design and Development Principles

    Greg Kearsley

    Surveys current state-of-the-art in courseware development for microcomputers; discusses guidelines for overall program and screen display design; describes three major approaches to developing... More

    pp. 209-20

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  5. Criteria for Evaluating Microcomputer Software for Reading Development: Observations Based on Three British Case Studies

    Colin Harrison

    Compares evaluative assumptions built into published sets of guidelines for microcomputer software evaluation with those derived from three small United Kingdom case studies of microcomputer usage ... More

    pp. 221-34

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