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Journal of Geography in Higher Education

2000 Volume 24, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Integrated IT-based Geography Teaching and Learning: A Macquarie University Case Study

    David C. Rich, Andrew J. Pitman & Maree V. Gosper

    Describes the course unit, "Global Environmental Crises," that encompasses four environmental issues and involves a variety of information technology (IT) based components. Discusses the five... More

    pp. 109-15

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  2. Humanising the Technology Landscape through a Collaborative Pedagogy

    Susan W. Hardwick

    Describes the project "Step Up to Geography in Distance Learning," a model distance-learning-based graduate program in geography that integrates the collaborative approach with a multi-layered... More

    pp. 123-29

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  3. Is Distance Education a Faustian Bargain?

    David DiBiase

    Focuses on the morality of distance education in geography. States that distance education learners are a qualitatively different, older population with educational needs separate from traditional ... More

    pp. 130-35

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