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Research in Science & Technological Education

May 2005 Volume 23, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Teachers' Understanding of the Nature and Purpose of Practical Work

    Esin Sahin Pekmez, Philip Johnson & Richard Gott

    This study examines science teachers' thinking on the nature and purpose of practical work in the context of the National Curriculum for Science in England. There is a particular focus on... More

    pp. 3-23

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  2. Important but Not for Me: Students' Attitudes Towards Secondary School Science in England

    Edgar W. Jenkins & N W. Nelson

    This article presents some of the results of the questionnaire-based Relevance of Science Education Project (ROSE) carried out in England in the latter half of 2003 as part of a wider international... More

    pp. 41-57

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  3. Do Young Children's Ideas about the Earth's Structure and Processes Reveal Underlying Patterns of Descriptive and Causal Understanding in Earth Science?

    Anthony Blake

    This paper begins with a discussion regarding the nature and complexity of understanding in the conceptually confined domain of earth science, here limited to its "geological" aspects. There then... More

    pp. 59-74

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  4. Knowledge-In-Action: An Example with Rigid Body Motion

    Sayonara Salvador Cabral Da Costa & Marco Antonio Moreira

    This paper reports the analysis of the resolution of a paper-and-pencil problem, by eight undergraduate students majoring in engineering (six) and physics (two) at the Pontifcia Universidade... More

    pp. 99-122

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