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Research in Science & Technological Education

November 2004 Volume 22, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. School Students' Ideas about Air Pollution: Knowledge and Attitudes

    George Myers, Edward Boyes & Martin Stanisstreet

    The understanding of pupils in schools in England between the ages of 11 and 16 about air and air pollution has been studied using a closed-form questionnaire with over a thousand students. Items... More

    pp. 133-152

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  2. How Science Teachers' Concerns about School-Based Assessment of Practical Work Vary with Time: The Hong Kong Experience

    Derek Cheung & Din-Yan Yip

    School-based assessment of science students' practical skills has two important roles--as a complement to written papers in public examinations and as a catalyst for enriching the science... More

    pp. 153-169

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  3. Issues Involved in Attempting to Develop Independent Learning in Pupils Working on Technological Projects

    Moshe Barak

    This research addresses the impact of technological projects at high school on pupils' learning. The participants were sixty low-mid achieving pupils who worked for one year on final projects for... More

    pp. 171-183

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  4. Conceptual Change in Learning Genetics: An Ontological Perspective

    Chi-Yan Tsui & David Treagust

    This article examines conceptual learning of genetics in a Year 10 Australian classroom from an ontological perspective. The study was part of a larger research project about teaching and learning ... More

    pp. 185-202

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  5. Some Strategies to Improve Performance in School Chemistry, Based on Two Cognitive Factors

    Eleni Danili & Norman Reid

    The background to this study are the difficulties facing the majority of Greek pupils in understanding chemistry concepts and, therefore, performing well in the National Examinations. The aim was... More

    pp. 203-226

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  6. Children's Perceptions of Plants Following Their Visit to the Eden Project

    Rob Bowker

    The study described is part of a larger research programme designed to investigate primary aged children's learning during a visit to the Eden Project. Children from eight primary schools were... More

    pp. 227-243

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