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Research in Science & Technological Education

1998 Volume 16, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Parents, Social Responsibility and Science, Technology and Society (STS): A Rationale for Reform

    Roger T. Cross & Robert E. Yager

    Reports on a study designed to involve parents in the process of reforming science education through the development of science, technology, and society courses in school science. Explores... More

    pp. 5-18

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  2. Problem-based Learning in Analytical Science Undergraduate Teaching

    J B. Shelton & R F. Smith

    Explores problem-based learning as a strategy for teaching analytical science theory and laboratory practice to a cohort of first year undergraduate biomedical students (N=48). Findings indicate... More

    pp. 19-29

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  3. An Assessment of Caribbean Integrated Science Textbooks' Practical Tasks

    Kola Soyibo

    Analyzes the structure and skill level of the tasks in the practical activities prescribed in eight process-oriented integrated science textbooks for Caribbean students in grades seven through nine... More

    pp. 31-41

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  4. Welsh Primary School Leavers' Perceptions of Science

    Catherine Woodward & Nicholas Woodward

    Examines the point at which children develop negative attitudes toward science and whether the adoption of the National Curriculum in England and Wales has influenced student attitudes. Results... More

    pp. 43-52

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  5. Do Advanced Science Qualifications Prepare Students for Employment and Higher Education?

    Mike Coles

    Compares the degree to which two qualifications that are pitched at the same level--General Certificate of Education Advanced Level and the Advanced Science General National Vocational... More

    pp. 53-66

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  6. The Difficulties in Developing Information Technology Competencies with Student Science Teachers

    John Parkinson

    Describes the information technology (IT) capabilities of a group of science student teachers. Argues that the classroom experience of using IT is an essential component of the training course and ... More

    pp. 67-78

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  7. Pupils' Reasoning and Practice during Hands-on Activities in the Measurement Phase

    Suzana Maria Coelho & Marie-Genevieve Sere

    Explains tendencies and difficulties experienced by students aged 14 through 17 years during an activity involving measurement in physics. Surveys these tendencies and difficulties through clinical... More

    pp. 79-96

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