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Teachers College Record

2011 Volume 113, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Policy, Technology, and Practice in Cyber Charter Schools: Framing the Issues

    June Ahn

    Background: Online learning in K-12 education has grown rapidly in the past decade. Cyber charter schools (CCSs) have been a particularly controversial form of online school, but there is very... More

    pp. 1-26

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  2. Reflective Practice in an Online Literacy Course: Lessons Learned from Attempts to Fuse Reading and Science Instruction

    Donna E. Alvermann, Achariya T. Rezak, Christine A. Mallozzi, Michael D. Boatright & David F. Jackson

    Background/Context: One of several challenges to fusing reading and science instruction through the use of reflective practice arises from recent claims that it is questionable whether anyone can "... More

    pp. 27-56

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  3. The Impact of Immersive Virtual Reality on Educators' Awareness of the Cognitive Experiences of Pupils with Dyslexia

    David Passig

    Background: In recent years, due to deliberate educational policy in various places around the world, children with dyslexia study in regular classes with non-dyslexic classmates. They do not... More

    pp. 181-204

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