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Distance Education

November 2007 Volume 28, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Theatre Online: The Design and Drama of E-Learning

    Robyn Philip & Jennifer Nicholls

    Theatre and drama are areas of performance and inquiry which usually assume engagement and commitment to the ensemble or group process, supported by strong individual input. How can this "dynamic" ... More

    pp. 261-279

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  2. From Interaction to Intersubjectivity: Facilitating Online Group Discourse Processes

    Vanessa Paz Dennen & Kristina Wieland

    This article examines the online discourse that took place in representative threads from two classes, seeking to document indicators that students did or did not engage in co-construction of... More

    pp. 281-297

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  3. Adult Learner Participation in an Online Degree Program: A Program-Level Study of Voluntary Computer-Mediated Communication

    Emily W. Thompson & Wilhelmina C. Savenye

    Several studies examining computer-mediated communications (CMC) in online courses have found low levels of participation under both voluntary (ungraded) and mandatory (graded) conditions. This is ... More

    pp. 299-312

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  4. Adopting Web-Based Learning and Teaching: A Case Study in Higher Education

    Gayani Samarawickrema & Elizabeth Stacey

    Most universities worldwide are becoming distance education providers through adopting web-based learning and teaching via the introduction of learning management systems that enable them to open... More

    pp. 313-333

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  5. Change Readiness among Teaching Staff at Anadolu University, Turkey

    Yavuz Akbulut, Abdullah Kuzu, Colin Latchem & Ferhan Odabasi

    Turkey's Anadolu University is one of the world's largest mega-universities. It is engaged in strategic planning in response to changes in the expectations of the Turkish Higher Education Council... More

    pp. 335-350

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  6. Contrasting Two Approaches to Distance Language Learning

    Cristina Ros i Sole & Joseph Hopkins

    In this article we contrast two distance foreign language programs developed at two European institutions of higher education (the Modern Languages Program at the Open University, UK; and the... More

    pp. 351-370

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