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Journal of Academic Librarianship

December 2011 Volume 37, Number 6

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Graduate Student Space and Service Needs: A Recommendation for a Cross-Campus Solution

    Hannah Gascho Rempel, Uta Hussong-Christian & Margaret Mellinger

    Focus group methodology was used to investigate graduate students' cross-campus technology, space and service needs. Although the library provides valued services and spaces, graduate students need... More

    pp. 480-487

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  2. Specters in the Archive: Faculty Digital Image Collections and the Problems of Invisibility

    Joan E. Beaudoin

    This paper presents the findings of a research study which investigated the digital preservation practices among two faculty user groups, archeologists and art historians. This faculty's knowledge ... More

    pp. 488-494

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  3. Online Learning Communities: Enhancing Undergraduate Students' Acquisition of Information Skills

    Noraida Dominguez-Flores & Ling Wang

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of online learning communities (OLC) on enhancing the undergraduate students' acquisition of information skills. OLC was compared with... More

    pp. 495-503

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  4. Academic Library Use of Facebook: Building Relationships with Students

    Nancy Kim Phillips

    A content analysis was conducted of status messages posted by academic libraries on seventeen Facebook pages. In addition to being informational, libraries attempt to engage and establish rapport... More

    pp. 512-522

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