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Journal of Academic Librarianship

May 2007 Volume 33, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Integrated Framework for Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Korean Contexts

    Eun G. Park, Young-joon Nam & Sanghee Oh

    The National Assembly Library is leading the development of an integrated Electronic Theses and Dissertations system in Korea. A survey was conducted to identify the current management of... More

    pp. 338-346

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  2. Pleas'd by a Newe Inuention?: Assessing the Impact of "Early English Books Online" on Teaching and Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder

    Thea Lindquist & Heather Wicht

    The authors conducted a study of the use of "Early English Books Online" (EEBO) in research and teaching at one institution. The findings highlight the strengths and weaknesses of EEBO for research... More

    pp. 347-360

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  3. The Relationship between Cultural Diversity and User Needs in Virtual Reference Services

    Pnina Shachaf & Mary Snyder

    While the racial diversity of academic library users continues to grow, research on the effects of this diversity remains scarce. This study looks at similarities and differences between non... More

    pp. 361-367

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