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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

June 2011 Volume 37, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Attention, Exposure Duration, and Gaze Shifting in Naming Performance

    Ardi Roelofs

    Two experiments are reported in which the role of attribute exposure duration in naming performance was examined by tracking eye movements. Participants were presented with color-word Stroop... More

    pp. 860-873

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  2. Something in the Way We Move: Motion Dynamics, Not Perceived Sex, Influence Head Movements in Conversation

    Steven M. Boker, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Barry-John Theobald, Iain Matthews, Michael Mangini, Jeffrey R. Spies, Zara Ambadar & Timothy R. Brick

    During conversation, women tend to nod their heads more frequently and more vigorously than men. An individual speaking with a woman tends to nod his or her head more than when speaking with a man.... More

    pp. 874-891

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  3. Dissociating the Components of Switch Cost Using Two-to-Two Cue-Task Mapping

    Chris Hydock & Myeong-Ho Sohn

    In the task switch paradigm, a switch of task is typically accompanied by a change in task cue. It has been proposed that the performance deficit usually observed when switching tasks is actually... More

    pp. 903-913

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