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Social Education

2014 Volume 78, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Prompting Students to Contemplate Effective Communication with a Visible Speech Chart from the 1870s

    Lee Ann Potter

    In this article, director of Educational Outreach at the Library of Congress Lee Ann Potter describes a classroom activity that focuses on an 1876 single-page circular published in Salem,... More

    pp. 53-56

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  2. Democratic Twittering: Microblogging for a More Participatory Social Studies

    Daniel G. Krutka

    Waves of revolutionary actions beginning in late 2010 led to the downfall of dictatorial leaders who had been entrenched in the Arab world for decades. Everyday citizens used social media services ... More

    pp. 86-89

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  3. Bringing the Cybersecurity Challenge to the Social Studies Classroom

    Michael J. Berson & Ilene R. Berson

    Educators have been increasingly sensitized to the role of schools in developing students' cyberethics, cybercitizenship, and cybersafety, which have emerged as one of the most pressing and... More

    pp. 96-100

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