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Physics Education

July 2011 Volume 46, Number 4

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  1. Extrasolar Planets in the Classroom

    Samuel J. George

    The field of extrasolar planets is still, in comparison with other astrophysical topics, in its infancy. There have been about 300 or so extrasolar planets detected and their detection has been... More

    pp. 403-406

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  2. A High-Resolution Stopwatch for Cents

    Z Gingl & K Kopasz

    A very low-cost, easy-to-make stopwatch is presented to support various experiments in mechanics. The high-resolution stopwatch is based on two photodetectors connected directly to the microphone... More

    pp. 430-432

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  3. A Bubble Chamber Simulator: A New Tool for the Physics Classroom

    Michel Gagnon

    Mainly used in the 1960s, bubble chambers played a major role in particle physics. Now replaced with modern electronic detectors, we believe they remain an important didactic tool to introduce... More

    pp. 443-450

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  4. Using National Instruments LabVIEW[TM] Education Edition in Schools

    Chris A. Butlin

    With the development of LabVIEW[TM] Education Edition schools can now provide experience of using this widely used software. Here, a few of the many applications that students aged around 11 years ... More

    pp. 461-468

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