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Physics Education

January 2009 Volume 44, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. An Excel[TM] Model of a Radioactive Series

    D G. H. Andrews

    A computer model of the decay of a radioactive series, written in Visual Basic in Excel[TM], is presented. The model is based on the random selection of cells in an array. The results compare well ... More

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  2. Scientific Argumentation in Public Physics Lectures: Bringing Contemporary Physics into High-School Teaching

    S Kapon, U Ganiel & B Eylon

    This article presents an approach to integrating public e-lectures on contemporary physics into a traditional high-school syllabus. This approach was used in a long-distance professional... More

    pp. 33-38

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  3. The Study of Damped Harmonic Oscillations Using an Electronic Counter

    Ajay Wadhwa

    We study damped harmonic oscillations in mechanical systems like the loaded spring and simple pendulum with the help of an oscillation measuring electronic counter. The experimental data are used... More

    pp. 70-77

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