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Journal of Chemical Education

2017 Volume 94, Number 8

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Promotion of Spatial Skills in Chemistry and Biochemistry Education at the College Level

    Maria Oliver-Hoyo & Melissa A. Babilonia-Rosa

    Decades of research have demonstrated the correlation of spatial abilities to chemistry achievement and career selection. Nonetheless, reviews have highlighted the need and scarcity of explicit... More

    pp. 996-1006

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  2. Beyond "Inert" Ideas to Teaching General Chemistry from Rich Contexts: Visualizing the Chemistry of Climate Change (VC3)

    Peter G. Mahaffy, Thomas A. Holme, Leah Martin-Visscher, Brian E. Martin, Ashley Versprille, Mary Kirchhoff, Lallie McKenzie & Marcy Town

    As one approach to moving beyond transmitting "inert" ideas to chemistry students, we use the term "teaching from rich contexts" to describe implementations of case studies or... More

    pp. 1027-1035

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  3. Pen-Enabled, Real-Time Student Engagement for Teaching in STEM Subjects

    Sylvia Urban

    The introduction of pen-enabling devices has been demonstrated to increase a student's ability to solve problems, communicate, and learn during note taking. For the science, technology, engineering... More

    pp. 1051-1059

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